Agbero work is a profession, just like medicine and engineering – MC Oluomo

Musiliu Akinsanya, the leader National Union of Transport Workers, (NURTW) popularly known as MC Oluomo has stated that he is a professional like any lawyer or engineer. MC Oluomo made this statement while complaining about how Nigerians on Twitter call him ‘agbero’ (thugs) and still come back to ask him for financial help.
According to him, the National Union of Transport Workers is a profession just like law, engineering. He stated that NURTW workers are not thugs but professionals.

He wrote: “For your information, NURTW is a profession just like Law, engineering and Medical. We are not thugs but we are professionals.

Many of the Nigerians who were against his opinion tried to explain why a profession is different from what MC Oluomo does for a living.

This kept me wondering, maybe baba can make it part of the courses we study in school now, abi,

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