Some call it woman crush, some call it celebrity wanna be, we call it the FACE OF THE DAY.

Today we want to celebrate a woman who has carved a niche for herself, from her days as as student in the university, up till affecting her society in positive dimensions.

meet CHIOMA IFEMELUDIKE GRACE. she is an actress, event planner, politicial enthusiast. in the just concluded general elections, by her post on social media you could denote that she strived for a new nigeria under the AAC, but then….

Chioma currently works at Corporate World Entertainment, an entertainment body owned and managed by the popular AYcomedian. where she is doing very well.

on YouTube she runs this comedy series called corpers heaven, where she plays the role of an unfortunate corper, you want to watch one of it.

watch on below.

Chioma is also a very beautiful, social, talented and of course very se*y woman. whether she is single or dating.. follow her via her social media handles.

she is also an award winning student leader, and an ALUTA QUEEN!!! (as one of my friends call her)

INSTAGRAM @ifemeludike_

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