GHEN!GHEN!!My Wife Claim Her Ex-Boyfriend Is Better Than Me – Man Lament


A Nigerian man has taken to a popular forum to express how sad he is after his wife of 3 years compared him to her ex-boyfriends.

According to the man identified as Shegson12345, his wife told him point-blank that her ex-boyfriends are better than him.

He shared:

I seriously need a mature mind of men opinion. This is a lady I meet managing in a room with her friends, I did my little best to rent an apartment for her. This is a lady I meet using Tecno java phone, I bought her her first android phone(Infinix). I never even propose a wedding to her before she started discussing marriage with me because she is very sure I loved her. We wedded after 9months we met. (3years ago).

Four months ago, I wanted to help her apply for a job online which I have done to the stage of uploading credentials and I asked her to give me her credentials in order to complete the registration, but to my surprise, she told me she has not collected her certificate from the school she graduated from for the past 5years and she never bordered to collect it. I was forced to report her to her sister.

She latter bounced back on me with force, comparing me to ex-boyfriends, asking me what did I even have that am doing shakara, that her ex is far better than me financially, that her ex rented a 3bedroom flat for her then but she just choose to come to the one room I rented for her. so on and so fort.

And now, i have started thinking negatively towards our marriage and am very confused on the reason why she would even compare her ex to me just because of this little matter. And how come her ex is better than me.
Thanks in advance for opinion.

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