TGIF!!! – 5 Places to go to after work on friday without DRINKING!!!.

We are all about the Lagos experience and always excited to curate lists to guide people on things to do. Last week Friday, we ran a quick poll on Instagram if people wanted us to reveal things to do on a Friday night in Lagos without going out to drink. We got a good feedback and shared a couple of suggestions on Instagram.

To put things into context, if you are not out on a Friday night drinking/going clubbing. Here are other things to do on a Friday night in Lagos.

Go Bowling – This might seem very out of place but Friday night in Lagos is a perfect time to unwind with colleagues and friends. Bowling is a very competitive activity and one to help everyone loosen up after a long week at work. There are two places in Lagos to go bowling depending on your location. The first is Rufus and Bees Lagos and the local bowling at the Kona Lagos in Lekki. Click to locate in the map.

Play board games – For the love of board games, you can’t go wrong with gaming to unwind with friends and colleagues on a Friday night. We love and always recommend board games because it brings people together. It is also a fun way to start the weekend. Read this post to discover all the spots to play board games in Lekki.

Go Dancing – Dancing has been found to be a good stress reliever even when you are not in a club. It is fun exciting and also a good way to mix/ meet new people. There are selected places that host dance classes on Fridays. Refer to this post to discover dance class options.

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Pick your treat dessert or pizza – The best treats are always once you can share while trying to catch up with other people.

Which options would be your ideal for your Friday night in Lagos if you were not going drinking?

Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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