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A GUN TO YOUR HEAD!!! You Are To Sing One Wizkid’s Song From A To Z Without Mistake – Which Song Will You Sing?

Posted by on January 19, 2022 0

I Stan Wizkid, I am a Wizkid fan to the core, It’s Wizkid’s song form no be by mouth oo – How well do you know his songs

How much of a hard fan can you still be even at a very delicate point of your life? Like having a gun to your head

We’ve seen people denied Jesus Christ so as to have a second chance of living, being in some kind of life matter position can restructure one’s brain.

Imagine having a heavy destruction gun pointed to your head and you’re asked to sing just one Wizkid‘s song from the start to the end, without a mistake or missing a line.

I won’t even force myself, I will just ask for a chance to say my last prayer, cause there’s none I can sing without a mistake. But then some of you can still make it.

So Guys, a gun to your head and you get a chance to live again if you sing one Wizkid’s song without missing a line.

Which Wizkid’s Song Are You Going To Choose?

Let’s hear your own choice

Drop your comments…

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