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ABEG.NG TALK: What You Must Consider Before Getting Married

Posted by on January 19, 2022 0

Marrying the wrong woman or woman is the worst mistake ever in life.

If you are planning to marry, don’t use your present situation or condition to pick or decide who to marry, think of who you will become in the future to pick or decide who to marry so that you can flow at same level or relate with proper knowledge and understanding of each other.

Let your purpose or vision guides you in knowing who to marry so that you will not have problem with your partner in the future when you later discover yourself.

This is one of the reasons many marriages  are in problem today when one of the partners later discovered himself or herself and worked to become better and the other partner remain the same without thinking of improving self to level up with the other partner level of improvement.

If you are in this situation in your marriage, the solution is to work on yourself to the level your partner is so that you can flow together at the same level, the solution is not only prayers, do the needful as stated above.

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