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December Is Gone, Now Where Is The P-Square Reunion?

Posted by on January 20, 2022 0

Last year, I was one of the people skeptical about any kind of P-Square reunion.

I even did an article saying a P-Square is not good for anyone which didn’t go down well with so many fans. But that was December, almost two months ago. So where is our P-Square reunion? Nowhere to be found?

Well, I heard last December, the brothers played a couple of shows and definitely cashed out. Maybe that’s all this is? A kind of charade to just put their hands into the pockets of fans? Who knows.

The problem exactly is that, how is the reunion going to work? Are they going to start making new music together? Are they already making it? If so, when will there be new P-Square material, considering there hasn’t been one in like, five years? All these questions. Yet no answer.

A reunion shouldn’t just be to play a couple of shows and then just vanish, especially for the most popular duo out of Africa ever. I don’t have a problem with the brothers coming together, but we’re only just starting to get used to the idea of Mr. P and Rudeboy.

So if P-Square is going to be back, this will be the right time to drop new music. Fans are anxious to hear what they might drop. I know I am.

Anyway, one quick question.

Do You Think New P-Square Music Will Be Good Enough For This Industry?

Let’s hear what you think.
Drop a comment.

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