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AS A LABEL BOSS – If You Are To Sign 1 Artiste Between Fireboy & Asake – Which Would You Sign?

Posted by on September 5, 2022 0

Have you ever imagined Olamide’s feeling knowing fully well he signed both Fireboy and Asake to YBNL!!?
Well, the profits he receives from Fireboy and Asake are enough for Olamide to retire from music… These boys are smoking hot

Olamide shows it is possible to sign artistes from different niches of music and he also knows how to market them… Respect to badoo!!

Asake is more of a street artiste while Fireboy is from the other side but both under the same label and YBNL is tearing charts apart and also raking in a crazy amount from Streams

Fireboy and Asake’s stats speak for them, I know we all know that and there is no need for us to even talk about that at all. Of course, every label boss’s dream is to have artistes like Fireboy or Asake on their record label. Olamide seems to know how to sight these guys and others really need to learn this from him.

Taking a look at how these guys were signed, their development, and what they’ve achieved so far is enough for any record label boss to want either of these guys in their label.

Now imagine

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