Man Arrested For Robbing People With Fake Gun

A man who robs unsuspecting victims with a fake gun has been apprehended by the police.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, disclosed this in a post shared on his Twitter page.

Hundeyin noted that though the suspect robbed people with a fake gun, he will still face the same charges for a real gun according to the law.

He shared the man’s picture and wrote, “He was caught robbing people with this fake gun but he will face the law like he used the real McCoy.”

He also shared a screenshot of the law addressing the issue saying, “(3) Any person found in any public place in possession of any firearms whether real or imitation and in circumstances reasonably indicating that the possession of the firearms is with intent to the immediate or eventual commission by that person or any other person of any offence under section 1 of this Act or under the foregoing provisions of this section shall upon conviction under this Act be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than fourteen years but not more than twenty years.”

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