Davido’s Babymamas, Anita Brown And Ivanna Bay Fight Dirty On Social Media

Ivanna Bay and Anita Brown, babymamas of Davido have fought dirty on social media.

The ladies who claim to be pregnant for Davido threw shades at each other.

It all started after Anita Brown threw a shade at Ivanna Bay on her Instagram story where she stated that her surgical body looks much more attractive than that of Ivannas’.

She also dragged Ivanna Bay for attending Davido’s show in Portugal, adding that Ivanna Bay wants to be relevant.

Responding to the shades from Anita Brown, Ivanna Bay reshared her shades on her story and wrote, “You are talking about woman empowerment but you take down another woman’s body and compare yourself to her..! Ma belle yo are fake and contradictory.”

Responding to the shade that she attended Davido’s show to stay relevant, she said; “We both know you would have dreamed of being at my place at that moment… And auntie stop saying you’re a busy businesswoman because you have plenty of time to post stories about people’s wives and their dead children or other woman’s body…”

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