Please Come And Marry Our Beautiful Daughters – African Mother Begs Men

An African woman has been caught on camera begging men to marry available women.

She was seen making a public appeal to men to come and take their grown-up daughters who are ready for marriage.

She lamented over the scarcity of husbands in the society whereas there are many beautiful women between 27 to 34 waiting for them.

In a video making the rounds online, the mom said a lot of African mothers like herself are tired of their daughters being at home and single.

She asserted that those young ladies who post photos of themselves with their boyfriends at resorts and pools are deceiving people with ‘fake bae’.

The woman asked where the men are and wondered why it is difficult to locate them even as girls have been searching.

She pleaded with dads to allow their boys the freedom to find marriages and return home. She claims that moms have been praying and that their prayer books are completely filled.

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