Italian Lady Stirs Reaction As She Tastes Okra Soup For The First Time (Video)

A video has captured the moment an Italian woman tried the traditional Nigerian Okra soup.

The footage was uploaded on Twitter, gathering immediate attention.

Initially, the young lady displayed hesitation as she gazed upon the unfamiliar food, clearly taken aback. However, with the assistance of Semovita, she decided to give it a try.

Her delight was evident as she joyfully expressed her excitement at trying something entirely new for the very first time.

See Video Below;

This heartwarming video also caught the attention of Nigerians who eagerly flooded the comment section to share their reactions.

See Reactions Below:

Cross: “Lmao! I must admit she’s quite adventurous, because if I wasn’t Nigerian, there’s no way on earth I’d agree to put okra soup with such slimy feel in my mouth though.”

Lucky: “Very true! Even me as a Nigerian, I’m yet to come to terms with Egusi and draw soups being mixed together, the very thought of slimy Egusi puts me off.”

Agu: “Of course she can eat just the soup na , why is the lady saying she can’t eat soup alone”

Amazonz: “This lady is quite adventurous. You need to see the video where she cooked okro soup. Nothing wey she no add. Cheese ooo plus cinnamon oo. Omo!”

Elekenuns: “There’s so many Nigerian food I know I’ll never try if I wasn’t Nigerian. Amala is great but if I wasn’t Nigeria you can’t pay me to touch it.”

Alexander: “Someone is trying swallow for the first time and you’re giving her Semo (which is trash) instead of pounded yam. That’s gonna be a horrible first impression.”

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