Nigerian Man’s Romantic Public Proposal Ends In Tears As Girlfriend Walks Away (Video)

A Nigerian man’s attempt to stage a romantic proposal has ended in tears after his girlfriend walked away.

The man had proposed in public but was turned down by the lady who walked away from the crowd.

In the video, witnesses present at the scene can be seen attempting to persuade the lady to reconsider, urging her to accept the man’s heartfelt plea.

Following the incident, the man was left totally embarrassed.

@king_alpha_67 said; “Why wouldn’t you take the ring and save him the shame and then u can tell him no privately.”

@lincoco.gram wrote; “Like you could always just accept for his ego, and clear him the real matters afterwards 😔”

@nochienoch said; “Why would you propose to her and she says NO… Then, nor be your woman be that”

@lanre_emmanuel52 said; “Na wah 😩 some pple nor they reason other people feelings.”

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