Man Wakes Up To Make Coffee, Finds Hungry Looking Lion Staring At Him From Kitchen Window (Video)

A man has been left terrified after waking up to prepare himself a cup of coffee only to see a lion staring at him through his kitchen window.

The man who couldn’t believe his eyes stood and watched as the lion threatened him.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

Z: “Unless a lion has been in that house before he’ll never enter, lions don’t like to be trapped but personally I’ll be frightened. Don’t see myself living in a place with that sorta possibility without a gun though.”

Sapphire: “What will I do? Confess all my sins, give my life to Christ, sit down and eat a heavy meal while I await my death because that window doesn’t look safe. Looking like something you can rip off easily.”

Ben: “Na to carry big pot like “basia” pour water and start boiling it. Omo I go pour d lion plenty hot water ooo. Which kind play be that, he no get where he go go hunt ni? Make e go where antelope Dey abeg.”

Ajagbe: “It will be one of the most memorable days of my life. I am always fascinated by Lions, I can watch them all day. I am not directed in harm’s way anyway.”

Ade: “First shout Jesus, then I’ll ensure the window is strong enough and that there are no other entry points. Call for help.”

Harbarhs: “That is definitely not his first encounter with the lion. He probably just decided to record him that day.”

Bamidele: “I’m a Leo by the virtue of my DOB. So, we will connect. I will just roar to him, “Good morning bro.” (While pissing in my pants though)”

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