Nurse Caught Engaging in Romance With Male Patient On Hospital Bed (Video)

A nurse has been caught engaging in romance with a hospitalized male patient.

The shocking incident happened at a local hospital.

The video, which has been widely shared, shows the nurse entering the patient’s ward and engaging in an intimate exchange with the bedridden individual.

It’s not clear the relationship between the duo,

See reactions below:

@I_Am_Winter said; “Please where is the hospital? I’m not feeling well.”

@effizzzyy said; “Drop location ,be like i get small headache.“

@smile_nyerovwo said; “Ode!😂”

@fineboydev said; “Omo! This is a Pulse Feeling Activated with Enjoyment. I am happy for the patient😂”

@MelaninMaris said; “This is serious. They both look kiss starved😂”

@Khanstillday said; “This one pass CPR ohh😂😂😂”

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