Guinness World Records Warns Against Unapproved Attempts

The Guinness World Records (GWR) has issued a strong warning to Nigerians who are now making various concerted efforts to break different records in different categories.

GWR announced this in a cautionary remark during a Twitter exchange with a Nigerian who tweeted at them to inform the body about her intentions to attempt two record-breaking feats.

The warning is coming days after the world records body advised Nigerians to apply for confirmation before attempting to break any record.

After Hilda Baci’s 100-hour cook-a-thon challenge in May, many other Nigerians caught the syndrome and started off a deluge of record-breaking attempts.

In an official statement on its website, GWR confirmed Baci as the record holder for the longest cooking marathon (individual) with an impressive time of 93 hours and 11 minutes.

Also, a Nigerian masseuse, Joyce Ijeoma, had collapsed 50 hours into her 72-hour attempt for the longest massage on different individuals.

Another Nigerian, Ezinne Okoye, via her Instagram page, hinted at starting a 130-hour Fry-a-ton for the longest frying marathon by an individual.

Also, Oluwatobi Kufeji embarked on the longest singing marathon.

Another upcoming artiste, identified as Sugartee, had proposed a 72-hour kiss-a-thon, but the Ekiti State government banned the upcoming event, citing moral reasons.

Mixed reactions have since trailed the record-breaking attempts on social media, with some criticising the development.

GWR said: “Please, enough with the record-a-thons.

“We love the record-a-thon enthusiasm but we would suggest getting a record title approved by our team before attempting these marathon records!”

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