Portable Arrests Mechanic Over Advice On Accident-damaged G-Wagon Brabus (Video)

Controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Olalomi has reportedly arrested his mechanic for advising him on what to do about his accident-damaged G-Wagon car.

The incident occurred after Portable miraculously emerged unharmed from a crash while driving his G-Wagon to the studio during a heavy rain shower on Wednesday.

The mechanic, believed to be associated with Portable, suggested that fixing the extensively damaged front section of the SUV would be a futile and costly endeavour.

In a video, the mechanic was seen looking at the car while telling the owner to rather not fix it due to the cost that would be incurred.

Upon assessing the condition of the vehicle, he concluded that the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon was beyond repair.

Meanwhile, the said mechanic has reportedly been arrested by Portable for advising him on what to do about his car.

This incident occurred nearly two months after Portable added the high-performance Mercedes-Benz G-Class to his collection of cars.

See a video of the mechanic advising Portable to see his car below;


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