Davido Takes Down Logos Olori’s Controversial Music Video Amid Backlash

Nigerian megastar, and music executive, Davido, has now deleted the controversial music video for his signee, Logos Olori’s new single, ‘Jaye Lo,’ which he posted on Twitter.

Davido, sparked outrage after uploading a short clip of Logos Olori’s music video, which had been welcomed with huge criticisms, especially by Muslims who considered the content offensive and disrespectful to their religion.

The footage captured a group of men, all in white regalia, praying, then, in a twist, they all transitioned into dancing in front of a mosque.

However, Muslim fans urged that he take down the post, and tender an apology to the Muslim community for disrespecting their religion.

Although he initially ignored the criticisms, Davido finally deleted the short clip from his page on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

A recent check on Twitter shows that the controversial video is no longer on Davido’s page.

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