Woman Abducted By Herdsmen Rescued In Ebonyi

A woman, Mrs Nkechinyere Onachukwu who was abducted by suspected herdsmen in Ishiagu, Ivo local government area of Ebonyi state last week, has regained freedom.

Mrs Onachukwu was abducted from her farm in Amaonye Community in Ishiagu last Tuesday. She was released on Monday, July 24, following a manhunt by security agencies in conjunction with the Council security led by the Chairman, Emmanuel Ajah.

Confirming her release on Tuesday, July 25, Ajah said the council had to bring in security trackers from outside the state to track the kidnappers’ movement. He added that security agencies are still on the trail of the kidnappers to arrest them.

Ajah also said that the few kidnapping incidents recorded in the local government is as a result of herdsmen who cross the border from Abia State to grab women in their farms and run back across the border.

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Onachukwu said she trekked for days before they got to the kidnappers’ den inside a thick forest. She said;

“I was on my farm harvesting cassava when I heard a whisper, I turned and saw many men from all directions coming at me, I tried to run but they caught up with me and took me hostage.

“As I started to shout for help they started flogging me with their machetes and asking me to keep quiet. They dragged me into the bush. From there we trekked through bushes through the night until we got to a place where they brought out a mat for us to lie down and sleep. The next day we continued till we got to their camp where they had make shift huts. There they called their boss who understood pidgin English. The rest were speaking their language.

“Their boss came and I started begging him to let me go but he said no that they will deal with me, that Ishiagu people are wicked. He brought a phone and asked me to call anybody I know, so I called my husband and told him what happened. And from there they started negotiations.”

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