Hakim Ziyech Leaves Chelsea

Moroccan professional footballer, Hakim Ziyech has left Chelsea after signing a three-year contract with Galatasaray.

In the beginning he was loved by a good number of people, but it seems his role as a player is unanimously no more required in the London club. Following a series of medical tests in England, the North African has gone to Turkish club Galatasaray to sign the transfer papers.

Mauricio Pochettino, the new coach at Chelsea, denied Ziyech a position in the Chelsea team, and would not let him in the transport meant to convey players to training grounds in the USA. Soon after, Chelsea agreed to a transfer deal with Galatasaray of which Ziyech was in support.

The midfielder was one of the good dreams of both the excos and fans at Stamford Bridge before his acquirement in the year 2020. After Hakim Ziyech gave a performance most sports lovers agree is his best for several months, many at Stamford Bridge and the Chelsea fan zone still affirm his best was below their expectations.
However, it is not only Ziyech that has met this sort of end at Chelsea. There were others. One of them was a Spanish player Fernando Torress, who was once signed from a wave-making Liverpool team to share the finishing slot with Ivory Coast international, Didier Drogba. In those days many argued it was the method the London Blues used that hindered him from delivering to taste, while a good number joked it might be the work of supernatural forces.

Ziyech who scored only 14 goals and assisted 13 of them played at the English club for three years. He has also played for the British club in 107 matches.

Hakim Ziyech’s failure to make it to Saudi Arabia where big boys like Christiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane have gone to play might remain an enigma to outsiders, because no reason was disclosed. Despite rumours that the attacking midfielder was rejected on the basis of his deficiency in physical fitness, he refuted this via his timely post at his Instagram handle. There has also been a high profile claim that he failed the medical test that would help him end his sore relationship with Stamford Bridge, but his contract with Galatasaray seems to say the opposite.

Hakim Ziyech has already started wearing the yellow vest of his new team. Though it did not work between him and Chelsea, it just might with gallant Galatasaray.

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