Drama As Two Female Students Exchange Blows Over Boyfriend After Bumping Into Each Other In His Room (Video)

A video of two female students fighting at the University of Ghana over a man they are reportedly dating has surfaced online.

The incident took place at Jean Nelson Hall, a hostel on the university campus, and quickly escalated into a scene that captured the attention of fellow students.

The quarrel began when the two female students, who were both romantically involved with the same man, coincidentally encountered each other outside his hostel room.

The encounter led to a fiery exchange of words, resulting in a trading of insults between the two parties.

In the footage, one of the students vehemently asserted her claim to the boyfriend in question, expressing confidence that he would choose her over the other girl.

She further levied accusations against her rival, claiming that the second girl had engaged in relationships with multiple other men.

The main voice in the confrontation, presumably the primary girlfriend, made a plea for both women to confront the boyfriend together and force him to make a choice between them.

This proposal, however, did little to quell the escalating tensions between the parties involved.

The situation grew increasingly physical, prompting concerned eyewitnesses to step in and separate one of the girls from the vicinity.

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