2027 Females’ World Cup: Where And When?

Where the next women’s World Cup would be hosted has not been decided by FIFA, but the process and the potential hosts are already getting evident. Four different requests have been dropped on the FIFA’s table by two groups of countries and two individual ones.
In an article published by FIFA to explain the process of selecting the next hosts are potential qualifiers and disqualifiers of requests to be the host or hosts. One of the things FIFA said would determine the winning group is their acceptance of the UN-approved version of human rights.

‘The FIFA Women’s World Cup must be organised following sustainable event management principles and
respecting internationally recognised human rights. FIFA is fully committed to conducting its activities in
connection with bidding for and hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027 in accordance with sustainable
event management standards and practices (in line with ISO 20121), safeguarding principles for the protection
of children and adults at risk and respecting internationally recognised human rights in accordance with the
United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ – FIFA on the 2027 WWC.
In May 2024, the 74th FIFA Congress is expected to hold. There would the next host, or group of hosts be announced.

The following countries have submitted applications to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027:

Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, in the persons of The Royal Belgian Football Association, the Royal Netherlands Football Association, and the German Football Association.
The United States of America and Mexico, in the persons of the U.S. Soccer Federation and the Mexican Football Association.
As usual, 32 teams will participate in the championship. Each team will start out in a group of four teams each. Winners from Group A would play against that of group B, and so on. And winners from the contest of two groups would play the next one in alphabetical order. This means that groups A,B,C and D would only play against groups E,F,G and H in the finals and third-place contest.

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