How I Deceived My Mom From Joining Instagram – Toolz

Tolu Oniru, the Nigerian OAP, who is popularly known as Toolz has opened up about the length she went to prevent her mother from joining Instagram.

She explained she had to make some deceptive claims after her mom approached her with the intention of opening an Instagram account.

She shared a screen shot of her Whatsapp chat with her mom, displaying the outrageous requirements to launch an account on the free social-networking service that allows users to share photographs and videos.

She added that having beseeched God for mercy, she took the action because she didn’t want her mom to scrutinise her outfits and dealing with trolls because of her fashion style.

The mom asked: “How do I open an account?”

“You have to pay 500 dollars mummy. Then send your passport and birth certificate”, Toolz responded.

“No way! Forget”, her mom retorted.

“Elon Musk bought Instagram and changed the rules. Such a greedy man”, Toolz added along with a smiling emoji.

Going on to explain her reasons for her deceptive act, the radio personality stated: “God forgive me but I don’t need extra fashion police in my life.”

“Tolu, why didn’t you wear shimi under the gown?

“Then again, she would probably fight the trolls for me”.

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