Cristiano Ronaldo Rules In Goals At Saudi’s SPL (video)

Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer in Saudi Arabia’s SPL (Saudi Pro League). He has shown the stuff he is made of after just four rounds, and only seems to be getting started.

One of the reasons the football icon was employed by Al Nassr is the place of the club in the Saudi league. Another is to bring the football league to the global spotlight. Results show the way to this peak is possible, but the way is hard.

Christiano Ronaldo is synonymous with thrilling goals even at his age. He still scores penalties easily, heads with precision and runs about the field as only an experienced veteran would do. His accomplishments show his insights are still ever sharp.

In a match against Al-Shabab on Tuesday, the football legend scored two penalty kicks, bringing to mind the household word ‘penaldo’. The goalkeeper missed the first by diving to the right, but could not stop the next even after lounging towards it on his right.

Ronaldo allowed his team mate to play the third penalty which was won by him, but the Saudi professional missed the net.

Al Nassr is presently in the sixth spot in the Saudi league behind the leading clubs, Al-lttihad and Al-Ahli. Both clubs have hung on to their spot, thereby necessitating that Christiano Ronaldo’s team must work harder to dethrone either.

Al Nassr also remains unbeaten by any team, however.

Ronaldo is trailed in goals by former EPL player Sadio Mane, Al-Hilal’s Malcom and Al-Ittihad’s Abderrazak Hamdallah. The three are second to him by four goals each. Ronaldo himself rules by only one goal, but his rate of scoring seems to promise lots more.

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