US Rapper, Kodak Black vibes to 2Baba’s hit song, ‘African Queen’, sings it words to words (Video)

American veteran Rapper, Kodak Black has got Nigerians introspecting his race after he was spotted jamming to 2Baba’s hit song ‘African Queen’.

In a video that has gone viral, the American highly profiled Rapper sang along with the iconic song words to words. He was quite perfect to the extent that Nigerians were quick to jump in.

Most often, American netizens trying to blend into Nigerian culture find it difficult but the likes of Kodak Black is way different. His accent and word composure left Nigerians astonished.

While Jamming to the hit song, he accoladed Nigerian effort and further expressed his unique thriller to the beauty of the evergreen ‘African Queen’.

Nigerians have speculated that they are in doubt the Rapper isn’t of Nigerian heritage.

Watch video below

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