Will Tyson Fury Fight Olexandr Usyk?

According to superstar Anthony Joshua, a night of contests in which Tyson Fury and Olexandr Usyk would compete is coming on December. He has also let out that plans are going on for him to fight Deontay Wilder.

Now that Usyk has gotten past Daniel Dubois with a controversial victory, the way seems paved to the competition with Tyson Fury. Many have condemned that referee’s verdict, though, and it is possible the governing body of boxing in Britain could get the judgement to be reversed into a no-match.

If this happens, then Dubois would have to dance round the ring again with Heavyweight champion Olexandr Usyk, and the final results would determine who fights who next, and most importantly, the holder of the three belts Usyk now wears.

The bout between Joshua and Wilder, and Olexandr Usyk versus Tyson Fury, are expected to take place in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia in December. Preparations are being made, agreements are being reached, and papers are being signed. But those to fight there might change, as is already hinted.

From what I’ve heard, things are positive. We’ve got the stumbling block, Fury has to get past Ngannou and Usyk has to get past Dubois. Good luck to both of them, good luck to all parties involved and then we can sit down and rejig things around.The goal is to have Usyk and Fury potentially compete for the undisputed heavyweight championship. Myself and Deontay Wilder, two big punchers, great fighters, been to the top of the mountain, slug it out and may the best man win.It will be a great event, potentially. We’re just waiting to see what happens and then finalize the devil in the detail
– Anthony Joshua.

Promoter Hearn has also talked about the fight between Joshua and Wilder.

That’s the fight we want. We have a three-fight plan, whether you like it or not. It was Robert Helenius … Deontay Wilder, and then Tyson Fury. That’s the ambition of the team. We believe he can go on to beat Deontay Wilder… We look to try to close that deal over the next couple of days. Joshua is ready for that fight.
Usyk himself says he is ready for challenger, Tyson Fury.

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