Man allegedly commits suicide by jumping from a flyover

An unidentified man in Benue State, North central Nigeria has allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a flyover into the middle of the road.

The incident reportedly occured at about 8:30pm at the flyover in front of the Benue State University first gate in Makurdi, the state capital.

The deceased who was immediately rushed to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, BSUTH, mortuary by unknown Samaritans, suspectedly hit his head hard on the bare surface leaving a pool of blood stains in the Middle of the road and his head found in pieces.

While efforts are ongoing to identify the deceased, a non governmental organization in the state, 24hrs TRAVSI NGO has originated a twist to the narrative.

According to a statement by the 24hrs TRAVSI, the narrative that the young man committed suicide was wrong, stating that it was a hit-and-run incident.
The NGO while calling on the public to immediately check the mortuary to find out if he is related to them in any way, said a vehicle knocked the boy down and refused to stop.

The introduction of a new narrative has hence, brought about a number of questions concerning the cause of the boy’s death.

The NGO wrote: “24hrs TRAVSI NGO wish to inform the general Public, BSU Community & Residence of Customary court to check Benue State University Teaching Hospital Motuary to identify a young Man who was suspected to have been knocked down by a hit & run driver under the BSU fly over Makurdi first gate.

“The accident took place last night.

“The information been Spray by some person on social media that the young man Committed Sucide by Jumping from the fly over and got Smatched was false, because his body was intact no fracture,only head injuries & blood coming out of his ears & mouth.

“24hrs TRAVSI NGO Volunteers scouts & the Nigeria Police E Division police Men couldn’t find any means of identification from his pocket,no phone was fund on him.

“24hrs TRAVSI NGO Volunteer Scouts are going round the community to inform them to go to BSUTH Makurdi to identify,his corps. We Strongly appeal to NANS Benue State University, & other Unions to go & check,if the young Man is a student.

The organization further provided emergency contacts for whoever has valuable information about his identity to contact while wishing his soul a peaceful rest the after life.

Reacting to the incident, a student of the Benue State University who pleaded anonymity while speaking to Val9ja News, urged Nigerians to be their brother’s keepers while dissuading the thoughts of suicide by anyone.

He said: “To anyone grappling with thoughts of suicide,

“I want you to know that you are not alone in this struggle, even though it might feel that way. Your feelings are valid, and there are people who care deeply about you and want to help. Please reach out to a friend, a family member, a therapist, or a counselor – anyone you trust. You deserve support, understanding, and a chance to heal.

Life can be incredibly challenging, but it is also full of unexpected moments of beauty, growth, and connection. Your story is still unfolding, and there are countless possibilities ahead. Remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. You have the power to overcome this darkness and find a path to a brighter future.

“Hold on, reach out, and allow others to be there for you. Your presence in this world matters more than you can imagine.”

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