Whitemoney, your money go black. There is nothing for you in entertainment. You are finished – DeeOne continues to drag his colleague (video)

Reality TV star, Deeone has continued to tackle his colleague, Whitemoney.

Both men had a spat on X on Sunday, September 17, after DeeOne celebrated the eviction of Whitemoney, whom he described as the worst musician to ever be on Big Brother. Whitemoney spotted the comment and they had a spat.

In a video shared on his Instagram page this afternoon, DeeOne said;

‘’Whitemoney, you are done. There is nothing for you in the entertainment space. You are finished. My brother, it’s over for you. It’s over for you. There is nothing for you. ALl those noise when you dey make say you go win Grammys. You never even win Headies or Beat awards, you say you go win Grammys. My brother, now if you are a wise person, maybe you will go to Ladipo…I don’t even know what you can do but entertainment, you are empty, you know it. Whitemoney, your money go black now”.

Watch a video of him speaking below…


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