Man Utd players, Rashford and Onana undergo latest bashings, as Harry Kane shines and celebrates

Manchester United players, Marcus Rashford and Andre Onana continue to undergo bashings, following their 4-3 loss to to Bayern Munich on Wednesday – these are taking place side-by-side with former-Premier League player, Harry Kane’s warm interviews following his spectacular performance for Bayern in the match.

After Antony, a key player for Manchester United was placed on a leave of absence because of heavy abuse allegations by former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, the club would make do with what they had. Everything fell into the laps of Marcus Rashford and a once-considered-a-solution Andre Onana.

Onana would confess after the sad match that his goalkeeping was the cause of the loss, and former England player Jamie O’Hara would loudly agree.

‘Do you remember [Onana] ran out [at Maguire] and we were all going ‘oh, he slaughtered him’, giving it all that and saying Onana was going to be a leader.

‘He needs to sew his arms on! It’s a massive mistake. You think, well hold on a minute, you’re digging out players, rushing out the box like ‘what you doing?’ That used to wind me up so much.

‘Shut up, get the ball out of the net and do your job!’

But former England player, Stuart Pearce thinks that more than one person was responsible for the unsavoury performance.

‘Man United are under the cosh because too many of their players have jacked it in. Rashford half running back and Casemiro half running back.

‘I’m not sure what Onana said when he has a rant at Maguire in the summer but now is the time to have a rant at the back line, not just the back line but the whole team.

‘Too many players who have given up the ghost and that is alarming. United are so off the pace and they are lucky that Bayern have not been more clinical.’

Fellow player, Fernandes and coach Erik Ten Hag came to their rescue, however, pointing out the loss was the whole team’s fault. Here is what they had to say.

‘It’s not about Andre. Andre is a great goalkeeper. He will keep giving us a lot of points, a lot of saves. He hasn’t to take any blame for nothing. We have to take the blame as a team, that we’re going to go through this moment together because we are strong as a team.’

Coach, Erik Ten Hag
‘I think he shows that he takes responsibility and shows personality and the personality he needs to get in high levels. But that’s not only about him, it’s about the team’s performance, so we have to support him on the pitch, not only in life, we have to help him. But it doesn’t only count for Andre, it counts for all the players on the pitch. They have to understand they are in the same boat and they have to be on the same page to get results.’

‘Onana will bounce back from the clanger as attention turns to Saturday’s Premier League trip to Burnley. When you score three goals in Munich you have to take at least a point, which we didn’t,” the Dutchman said. “We have to take a look at ourselves in the mirror.’

As things stand, it might take a miracle for scores to change for the Red Devils.

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