“Men and women are not the same. Women are not meant to compete with men” – Tolanibaj (video)

Tolanibaj, a Big Brother Naija reality star, has distanced herself from feminism, saying women are not supposed to compete with men.

Tolanibaj made this comment during one of her episodes on her podcast, declaring that women are not supposed to compete with men.

The reality personality, who is also a disc jockey, recently admitted on her podcast that she doesn’t agree with feminism’s tenets because she thinks women shouldn’t compete with men.

According to Tolanibaj, women’s roles are to enhance and complement males, not to compete with them, and she does not think that men and women are created equal. She is unable to identify as a feminist as a result.

In her words,

“I feel like women are not supposed to compete with men; they are just supposed to complement them. That’s why I can’t say I am a feminist because I don’t see how if a man is doing gra gra, as a woman, I should be doing gra gra too”, she said.


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