Couple Who Met On Twitter, Got Married And Had 2 Kids Mark 5th Anniversary Of Their First Meeting

A man who met his wife on Twitter has shared their unique love story 5 years after they met for the first time.

Mazi Ibe (@I_pissVodka) and @HeartofGold_ met on Twitter and agreed to meet in person. Mazi said he was nervous, but he needn’t have been. Their first meeting went so well that they eventually got married and now have two kids.

Today is exactly five years from their first date and their story was shared on Twitter.

“This time and day five years ago, I was looking forward to a date i had planned with one of my follower @HeartOfGoId_ in a city where I was serving. A bit nervous tho but the date went really well. Then before I closed my eyes and open them back, 5 beautiful years have passed,” Mazi wrote.

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