Kogi First Lady Donates N1M To Instagram Artist For Painting Her

Nigerian artist Receives 1million for Painting Portrait for Wife of Kogi State Governor, Rashida Yahaya Bello.

It is gathered that First Lady of kogi state. Hahiya Rashida Bello has donated the sum of N1,000,000 to an instagram artiste , Named Bright Chukwu Dike. It all started when bright made a Potrait of the Governor’s wife and tagged her with a touching caption, the image also attracted a lot of people that kept on tagging the First Lady.

Bright is said to have received the one million naira support from the First Lady. According to him , “words can’t describe how i feel, I have been disappointed by a lot of people including big people including celebrities, even footballers as a way of support in the last NFW cup , some promised to send money for the art but failed me, some even go to the extent of blocking me because they feel I am a nobody. .

But what Her Excellency did was beyond words. I only tagged her and she responded and told me to call a number which I did. .

I couldn’t believe it until I received the money. God bless her for supporting me. This will go a long way for me. I want to also use this opportunity to tell everyone with talent to never give up. Because one day. .

Destiny helper will locate you just as Her Excellency has located me, I am from Imo state and have no link with kogi”.

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