Release El-Zakzaky – Shehu Sani Advises Buhari

Shehu Sani, a former federal lawmaker, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to release Ibrahim El-zakzaky, the detained leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

Mr El-zakzaky has been in detention since 2015 when members of his movement clashed with personnel of Nigerian Army.

Despite several court rulings ordering the release of the cleric, the federal government headed by Mr Buhari has looked the other way, citing national security as reason for his continued detention.

A clash between members of the islamic group and security operatives earlier in the week at the National Assembly turned bloody with both sides sustaining injuries.

Lawmakers at the House of Representatives has called on the president to obey the rule of law by releasing the detainee in other to prevent further break down of law and order.

Joining the call is Mr Sani who failed his re-election bid to the upper legislative chamber at the lawmaking arm.

“The continuous confrontation with the members of the Islamic Movt over the detention of their leader & his wife is avoidable,” the former lawmaker said in a tweet on Thursday.

“We should learn our lessons as a country & deal with other multiple security challenges stretching us.The FG should simply obey court orders in this regard,” Sani added.

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