“This Madness Is Beyond Normal”: Corper Doctor Under Fire For Shaking Her Chest

Beautiful Nigerian Youth Corper, Cherry is under fire over a video of her that emerged online today.

In the video the Rapper, Actress And Doctor was seen doing what she knows how to do best, shaking her boobs.

Cherry Entafield started making waves when she introduced boobs shaking to her music career.

Prior to that, nobody cared to listen to her music, but immediately she incorporated breast shaking, she started gaining attention.

Her followers on social media increased rapidly and national newspapers got her interviewed

But the young lady is being criticized for always in the habit of shaking her chest.

A Nigerian Instagram user, Danakpeji thinks she may find it difficult to get a husband: “Last last dem go dey enter from one church to another all in the name of husband, na dem.”

But another replied him and told him the rapper doctor, Cherry, may make a better wife than the ‘holy holy’ sisters.

Another user said: “This madness has gone beyond normal”

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