“We Are Ready To Die, Kill Us All” – Shiite Muslims Tell Soldiers With AK-47 (Video)

Shiite protesters took to the streets of abuja in protest of the continued detention of their leader El-Zakazy by buhari, the protest which was marred by extreme violence and recorded deaths on both sides of the protesters and police.

The police were alleged to have opened fire on the protesters but
In this footage made available to Viralmula.Com by witnesses at the scene, the shiite protesters seen wielding oil sprays using it to deface the side walks and billboards in Abuja even the cars parked on the road weren’t left out as they were defaced too, as they chanted

Kill us make we die we are ready

They advanced angrily to the soldiers armed with automatic Ak-47 guns and shouted to their faces

Walahi you must shoot us, we are ready , kill us all ,

but soldier just looked away clearly waiting for orders from their superiors , it is  not clear if this was what lead to the alleged opening of fire on them.

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